Bag that Uke

Sugar Kane Ukulele Bag

Sugar Kane is an unabashed ukulele player. She sings an great little ditty about a dancing bear that makes me chuckle each time I listen to it. But SK had a problem. She had a beautiful uke, but nothing to put it in. So she made herself a ukulele bag and posted the results on flickr. That generated a lot of interested from the thriving ukulele community. So now she’s made a whole lot of bags, and she’s selling them over on MySpace. You should go there and check them out now. They’re mighty fine.

2 thoughts on “Bag that Uke

  1. Weirdness. I haven’t read your blog in a while and just realized you and I both posted about ukuleles within four days of each other. And, we both used the phrase “thriving ukulele (community-you) (culture-me)” in our posts. Yours came first but I never read it until now.

    You really ought to get yourself a uke. Be careful though, it is addictive: my uke playing is eating into my reading and other activities…like no hobby ever has except when I first started playing guitar when I was 14.

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