Top 10 songs of 2015

In recent years, I haven’t listened to enough new music to put together a to 10 list. This year, however, was a great year for music. I listened to a lot of new albums, and actually made it out to three gigs.

A couple of weeks ago, Gavin asked a few of us to what out a top 10 dogs of the year. Will has already put his list together. I’ve also been discussing some of my choices with my brother on Facebook.

And so, After a week or of agonizing over my favorite albums and looking for the stand-out tracks, I can finally announce my top 10 tracks of 2015:

  1. “Dead Fox” by Courtney Barnett
  2. “24 Frames” by Jason Isbell
  3. “La Loose” by Waxahatchee
  4. “Homonovus” by Speedy Ortiz
  5. “A New Wave” by Sleater-Kinney
  6. “Back to You” by Twerps
  7. “All Your Favorite Bands” by Dawes
  8. “I Can’t Explain” by Surfer Blood
  9. “I Can Do No Wrong” by American Wrestlers
  10. “I Don’t Wanna Relax” by Joanna Gruesome

You can listen to my Best of 2015 – songs list on Spotify.

If you’re interested in delving deeping into what I’ve been enjoying this year, there is also a Best of 2015 – albums list.