London to Brighton (again)

Saturday was a fantastic day. Sunshine. Not too hot. Not too cold. The perfect day for a bike ride. In fact, the ride had been planned for some time. Charlie, James and I cycled from London down to Brighton.

What a ride

It was a fantastic ride. My favorite part was Slugwash Lane, which is a typical English country lane. Hedgerow alternated with small woods, where the bluebells were in bloom. It was lovely.

But the most rewarding part of the ride is the ride down to Brighton after climbing Ditchling Beacon. I stopped very briefly (~10 seconds) on the way up, but I pretty much managed to climb the whole thing. And it seemed much less grueling than last year.

It seems that Charlie enjoyed the ride to Brighton, as well. So much so, that he cycled back on his own.

Braver than me

For me, this was just a ride to Brighton on a lovely sunny day. For both Charlie and James, this was a preparation for a much longer ride. Both of them are going to be riding from London to Paris in the Big Issue London to Paris Bike Ride. That’s 240 miles in 3 days. Impressive.

James has a great post on why the Big Issue is worthy of your support, and Charlie has a similar post on why the London to Paris event is important for the Big Issue.

They invited me along, but I declined. I didn’t feel that I would be able to raise the money. What a wimp!

Show your support

So, to make up for my wimpiness, I’m going to urge you to support James and Charlie, even it’s just for a couple of pounds / dollars. Both of them deserve your support, both are very near their target and it’s for a great cause. Here’s how to support them:

I know both of them (and the Big Issue) will appreciate any support you can give.

Give Us Your Money (for the trees)

Joanne and I are going to be running again in the Trees for Cities Tree-Althlon.

You may remember that we did it last year and actually managed to finish, despite the fact that neither of us had ever run before.

We’re going to do it again. We’re going to run to raise money to support Trees for Cities efforts to plant trees around the UK and in Ethiopia, Kenya and Peru.

Last year we raised almost £200. This year we want to raise £360. We’re already 25% of the way there, thanks to some very generous people. Anything you can give to support our efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Donate here (thanks in advance for your support).

We’re doing it again!

As you may or may not remember, last year Joanne and I ran the Tree-athlon 5k. You may also remember that before we ran the 5k, we begged you for money.

Well, we’re doing it again. Last year, we set a goal of £200 (later updated it to £250). We eventually raised £190. This year, we’re setting the bar a bit higher: we’re trying to raise £300. We would greatly appreciate it if you helped us to reach this goal by donating to the cause. Thanks to everyone who helps us (and Trees for Cities) out.

I have a tree!

About a month and a half ago, we did the Tree-althlon 5k. Thanks to everyone who supported us by donating some money. The money we brought in allowed us to gift a tree to somebody. Joanne decided to gift it to me (have I mentioned I like trees?).

Last night, I came home to some Trees for Cities information lying on my side of the bed. My tree has been planted somewhere in Stockwell. Trees for Cities have planted 50 trees there. They didn’t tell me which street they planted my tree on, or what type of tree it is. It could be a pear, field maple, cherry, plane, birch, foxglove tree or hawthorn. One day soon, I’m going to go for a walk in Stockwell (it’s just up the road), decide which tree I like best, and claim it as my own. I suspect I’ll probably choose a birch or a field maple.

And yes, you’ll probably be seeing a picture of that tree on this very blog.

We did it!


We ran the 5k. Well, most of it. We ran around 4.25k with .75k of walking towards the middle of the course. Not too bad for a couple of people that were having trouble running more than a minute just a few months ago.

Thanks too everyone who sponosored us. For those of you who didn’t sponsor us, it’s not too late! You can still chip in a few pounds to help us reach our goal of £250.

We run for the trees

As many of you may know, I love trees. Maybe it’s all the time I spent outdoors as a kid, maybe it’s reading The Lorax over and over, or maybe it’s that field biology course I took at Austin Community College.

I’ve also been trying to get back in shape. Since I’m working freelance, I can no longer ride my bike to work. So, Joanne and I have been running on Clapham Common. We’re not very good at it yet. We just managed to make it five minutes without stopping. It doesn’t sound like much , but believe me, it felt like a major accomplishment.

We’ve set ourselves a goal of being able to finish 5k by September 15th. “Why that particular date?” you may be asking yourself. That just happens to be the day that Trees for Cities holds its annual Tree-Athlon.

You can help us help Trees for Cities plant trees in London and other cities in the UK by visiting our justgiving page and sponsoring us. We would greatly appreciate it if you did, and so would the Lorax.