A Very Cheesy Pop Star

Since I've been back from the States, I've been doing two things. The first is looking for a job. I won't bore you with the details of that. The second has been exploring the world of podcasts (for the third or fourth time). There's a lot more out there than the last time I was looking into podcasts.

The Cheese Diaries (XML, iTunes) isn't half bad. Alex James, the bassist for Blur, has decided to make cheese. I'm enjoying to podcast. I'm hoping, though, that future episodes will concentrate more on the cheese. Alex James is an entertaining host, but now that we've heard why he decided to make cheese (Blur fans no longer buy music, apparently, they buy cheese), I'd like to hear more about how he decided what types of cheese to make and the process of making the cheese itself.

Check it out. I recommend it, even if it's not nearly as fun as visit to Neal's Yard Dairy, which is one of my favourite Saturday afternoon activities.