All of Me

So. A while back I asked for your advice on what to do about this blog. Thanks to everyone who responded. I know what I'm going to do, but I'm not done yet. So you'll have to suffer with the old school blog for a while, but look out for a new, improved Coming to a web browser near you.

One piece of the puzzle is in place, however. Without further ado, I give you otrops quotes. I'm forever jotting down quotes from books I'm reading. And I'm always wishing that I had a place to easily store quotes that I've read on-line. I'm using tumblr to share and keep track of these quotes. If you haven't tried tumblr, I highly recommend it. It does much more than quotes: links, images, audio, video and even IM conversations. It just so happens that quotes is what I wanted to keep track of, and tumblr provided a quick and simple way of doing that.

For those of you who can't get enough of me -- Hello? Still with me? Ahem, good -- I'm also introducing otrops elsewhere. This is effectively my lifestream. I don't really like the term. Mostly because my on-line existence is only a portion of my life, even if it is at times a fairly large portion. In any case, otrops elsewhere allows you to keep track of what I'm doing across the Internet. I've played with a few lifestreaming applications, and I settled on Soup. As with tumblr, I've decided to use Soup because of the simplicity of its interface. The fact that both sites allow me to use a vanity domain didn't hurt, though.

And that's about all the otrops I can give you. At least until I pull my finger out and launch the new blog.

Update 3 October, 2014 A year after I wrote this post, I decided to use this blog to focus on various fragments I was capturing on tumblr. Most of the above URLs now redirect to this blog.