At long last

It's taken a while. Rich finished the design for this blog months ago. I finished most of the HTML months ago but let it languish because of a few browser bugs. I've been busy over those last few months, gearing up to go freelance. In fact, this weekend I really should have been doing client work, not getting my personal blog online. Nevertheless, here it is in all its glory.

There is still some work to be done. The archives section could use some work. I need to get my bookmarks and flickr photos integrated. There are undoubtedly other small issues that I have missed. For the moment, though, I'll stop here and get to work. There are several things that I need to finish this evening.

I've probably spoken a bit too much about my freelance work in this post. This blog is intended to be a personal blog. I'll write about books, nature, family and other things that are personally of interest to me. A professional blog is on its way. I'll use that blog to talk about all things web: xhtml, css, PHP, Ruby, Rails. You know. The good stuff.

Finally, thanks to everyone who encouraged (or should I say harassed) me to get this blog up and running.