Can I have some more, please?

Well, it appears that my brother is claiming that he's not going to write any more posts about his nostalgia for late eighties and early nineties Austin music. I'd just like to say, that I wouldn't mind if he did. I've personally been enjoying the trip down memory lane. I'd love to hear Stick People again to see if the bass is amazing as I remember it being. I'd love to hear Grains of Faith to see if Joe McDermott's song writing still holds up. I'm pretty sure that Sea Wall will; it's one of those songs that I can pretty much play over in my head.

So, I say, "Keep it up, Mambrino!" You've got at least one fan. I'm pretty sure you've got others as well. Our sister reads your blog, and I have it on good authority that there is a certain waterfowl who is also a regular reader. I suspect that they are both enjoying your recent posts as much as I am.