Four Things

Well, it appears I have been tagged. Both Mike and Jonah have created a series of four things lists. Here's mine.

Four Things to Do Before I Die permalink

  1. Buy a house

  2. Have children

  3. Study botany and biology again

  4. Walk the Inca trail

Four Jobs I Have Had permalink

  1. Beer buyer

  2. Bookseller

  3. Inter-Library Service pager

  4. Web Developer

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over permalink

  1. Brazil

  2. Bottle Rocket (ca-caw, ca-caw)

  3. _Garden State _

  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Four Places I Would Want to Live permalink

  1. Brighton

  2. Sydney (for a little while anyway)

  3. Tuscany

  4. In the Andes

Four TV or Radio Shows I Love permalink

I don't really watch enough television.

  1. Lost

  2. _QI _

  3. House

  4. Twin Peaks (not sure if that is a copout, but there's really nothing else I'm watching at the moment).

Four of My Favorite Dishes permalink

  1. Black Bean Tacos

  2. Meze from Sappho in Clapham

  3. Pizza!

  4. Assorted cheeses from Neal's Yard Dairy with sourdough bread from Breads Etc.

Four Web Sites I Visit Daily permalink

  1. Facebook

  2. Google Apps for domains

  3. Flickr

  4. Techcrunch

Four Things I Love permalink

  1. My family

  2. My cats

  3. Being outside and looking at trees, plants, birds and other wildlife

  4. Reading

Right, the rules of the game are: if you read this, you're tagged. You have to post a list of fours on your blog. If you don't have a blog, welcome to the twenty-first century and the cult of the amateur. Isn't it time you join the rest of us and start publishing random thoughts for the benefit of humanity and future generations?