I blame Twitter

My blog posting habits have been pretty disappointing lately, I admit it. And I apologise.

In the last few weeks, I've been twittering a lot more. This is mostly because a number of old friends have started using Twitter. It's great to be in regular contact with @tragle, @cecily and @duckykramp again. Newer, London-based friends like @wheelyweb and @raettig have also turned up recently. And of course, @mvancamp (aka mambrino), who's been on there longer than anyone. It's also great for keeping up on various bits of tech and political news.

So after trying twitter and deciding it wasn't all that. I've come back. And I'm loving it.

When I get a free moment, I'm going to redesign the blog so that my tweets are fed through my rss feeds and displayed on the blog. In the meantime, you could always join twitter (or come back) and follow me.