I have a tree!

About a month and a half ago, we did the Tree-althlon 5k. Thanks to everyone who supported us by donating some money. The money we brought in allowed us to gift a tree to somebody. Joanne decided to gift it to me (have I mentioned I like trees?).

Last night, I came home to some Trees for Cities information lying on my side of the bed. My tree has been planted somewhere in Stockwell. Trees for Cities have planted 50 trees there. They didn't tell me which street they planted my tree on, or what type of tree it is. It could be a pear, field maple, cherry, plane, birch, foxglove tree or hawthorn. One day soon, I'm going to go for a walk in Stockwell (it's just up the road), decide which tree I like best, and claim it as my own. I suspect I'll probably choose a birch or a field maple.

And yes, you'll probably be seeing a picture of that tree on this very blog.