It's the little things

Barack Obama wins Democratic Presidential nomination

Like many people, I woke up on Wednesday morning to the news of Barack Obama's victory. It made me happy, but I wasn't really excited, perhaps because I knew that Clinton had not yet conceded. I was reading about it all morning at various news outlets online, but still didn't get truly excited. Until I landed on the The New York Times homepage and saw the table that you see here. See that little blue tick? That's what did it. For some reason, that tiny checkmark made it all real. If I hadn't been sitting at my desk at work, I probably would have let out a whoop of joy. Instead, I took a screenshot of the table and the all-important tick. I went back to look at it throughout the day, smiling the entire time.

Of course, it took me four days to blog about it, so the whole thing has lost some of its immediacy, but I thought I'd share it with you anyway.