Jef Van Campen: artist

Years ago, friends started asking me if I'd taken up watercolors. I was completely confused at first, but then it was explained to me that if you searched for my name online, most of the top results included websites with paintings seemingly attributed to me. Not surprisingly, these weren't my work.

They were the work of Jef van Campen (note the single 'f'), a Belgian artist who works in oils and watercolors. For over thirty years, he has painted harbour views, still lifes and landscapes. If you'd like to view some of his work, you should take a look at Jef van Campen's website.

You may be wondering why I've chosen to tell you this. Between starting this blog, signing up for every third social networking site and posting to various user groups, most search results for "Jeff Van Campen" (with two fs) lead to my site or some site associated with me. I noticed that "Jeff Van Campen artist" was also leading to this site. I'm posting this not to drive more traffic to my site, but in the hopes that if people are searching for the other Jef Van Campen, the will find this page quickly, and search for "jef van campen artist" to find out more about the artist or have a look at his gallery.