Naked for a day

As you're likely to notice if you're visiting this site, rather than reading it on a feed reader, it's naked.

I'm participating in CSS Naked Day. It is an effort to promote web standards by exposing the underlying structure of a site. The easiest way to do this is to simply remove all styling.

The fact that CSS Naked Day even exists shows how much things have improved. In the bad old days of font tags and table-based layouts, the presentation of a site was tightly bound to the content. These days, all you should have to do on a well-designed site is comment out any calls to external stylesheets. Such is the wonder of separating presentation and content.

Interestingly, removing the style makes me realize that the way I implement CSS has changed over the past few years. For instance, I would no longer use an h1 for the logo / site name. And thanks to the overflow:auto self-clearing float technique, I can get rid of those unsightly "clearboth" divs. In other words, this site is long overdue for a redesign.