New Job

Those of you who are addicted to facebook will already know this from my status and wall posts, but I thought I'd announce this to the rest of the world (or at least the very small part of it that follows my blog): After a month and a half of phone calls, interviews and waiting, I've finally accepted a new job.

I'll be working for a company called Neuxpower. They develop a product called NXPowerLite, which is a utility that reduces the size of Microsoft Office files. Anyone who makes large Powerpoint presentations and emails them should definitely check it out. It also works for large Word and Excel files.

The role I've accepted is as a web developer, working on improving the website and some of the internal systems. The interviews with Mike and Andrew went well. I'm looking forward to working with them and meeting the rest of the team when I start on the 15th of Octoaber.

This means that my illustrious career as a freelancer is over. I still have a couple of days' work to finish, which I'll be doing in the next week now that I'm not running spending all day in interview and on the phone with recruitment agents. I'd like to thank everyone that I worked for over the past few months. It was fun. I missed working with a team, though, and am happy to have to opportunity to do that again at Neuxpower.