Stupid Amounts of Fun

It all started with the Sanford and Son post over on Aquarium Drunkard. Joanne and I were grooving to the smooth sounds of Quincy Jones, but we craved more. No, not more Quincy Jones. That would would have been the sensible option. No, dear reader, we wanted more cheesy television theme tunes from yesteryear.

So, we headed on over to Television Oh, yes, they're all there. I've just spent the last two hours to listening to pretty much every 80's theme tune out there. Why were so many of them crappy light jazz? The Jeffersons still stands up, though I never realised that it was actually a gospel song.

I knew all the words to Good Times, but I'm pretty sure I had no idea what a "temporary lay off" was when I was a kid.

And when are they going to make a Welcome Back Kotter movie? As Joanne pointed out, Ben Stiller could easily take on the role of Mr. Kotter. The only problem is who would play Vinnie Barbarino?