Unfinished business

I have a bad habit. Occasionally, I'll start a book and set it to the side with the intention of finishing the first book after I'm done reading the second. This is what usually happens. Sometimes, though, another book comes along, then another and so on. In the last two or three years there have been a few books that this has happened with. OK, more than a few. Nine, to be exact.

I've now decided that I won't start any other books until I've finished the unfinished books that have been lurking by my bedside for so many months now. So far, I've finished one of the unfinished books, The Diversity of Life and I've restarted another, Amo, Amas and All That. As for the remaining seven, I've created a to-finish bookshelf over at goodreads.

With the exception of The World is Flat, I was enjoying all of these books while I was reading them and I'm looking forward to returning to them. I'm just hoping that the rest of The World is Flat isn't as badly researched and biased as the chapter on open source software.