Using Tweetie 2 with StatusNet

I already posted about about using Tweetie 2 with

I've been toying with the idea of running most of my microblogging through a StatusNet (formerly installation, so I thought I'd see if Tweetie 2 worked with my test installation of StatusNet. It turns out, it doesn't work. Replies, messages, and search all work. Timeline, however, doesn't work, and returns a "Not found" error.

After some poking around, I finally figured out what the problem is. Tweetie 2 uses the new statuses/home_timeline Twitter API call. The current release of StatusNet (0.8.1) doesn't support statuses/home_timeline.

It looks this API call will appear in the next release, as there is a commit to the StatusNet git repository that adds support for it.

At the moment, you have three choices. You can run the development version of StatusNet, you can wait for the next version of StatusNet to be released or you can apply the changes in the commit to version 0.8.1.

I went for the latter option, and can confirm that StatusNet works with Tweetie 2 if you apply the changes. You can download my tweaked files, if you don't want to apply them yourself. (Note that these files come with no guarantee, and I take no responsibility for any issues that you might have with them.)

Also note that Tweetie 2 has username collision issues, so you can't currently use more than one account that has the same username.