Design for Life contestants online and on twitter

I might be getting slightly obsessed with Design for Life.

Despite my questions about the €90 bicycle, I very much enjoyed the first episode and am looking forward to the rest of the show.

Having one of the contestants respond to my post and another one follow me on Twitter made me curious about the online presence of the rest of the contestants. So, I did some quick Googling.

From what I can tell, eight of the contestants have websites, and two have Twitter accounts (that should make tweeting during the next episode pretty interesting).

There's a few Phillipe Starck twitter accounts, none of which appear to be genuine.

And there's the Design for Life Contestants Home Page on Facebook, which a number of the contestants are actively contributing to.

I'll be exploring all of the sites, but not right now. Now, I need to sleep.

I may have missed a few websites and twitter accounts. If you know of any more, let me know.