Great urban parks

Since the first time I visited Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, I've been fascinated by large city parks. They're obviously man-made, very much a part of the city they're in and convey an idea of nature without being "natural" (whatever that means). At the same time, they speak volumes about our love of nature and provide an opportunity to spend time with nature that we city-dwellers wouldn't otherwise have.

Infrastructurist has a great list of 10 Great Urban Parks. It includes four of my favorites: Golden Gate, Central Park, Jardin de Luxembourg and Hyde Park. They've missed out a few of my parks that have a special place in my heart: Zilker Park in Austin, Parc de St. Cloud in Paris and Hampstead Heath in London, though I'm not sure those are urban parks in the same sense of the other parks on the list. Each of those parks are much less manicured than the parks on Infrastructurist's lists.

Nevertheless, Infrastructurist has provided me with six parks (and six cities) that I have yet to explore.

Have you been to any of the parks on the list? Are there any parks that they missed out that you love?