Numbers game

By dragging children into a stupid numbers game with us, we do them a great disservice. They don't respond well to the pressure, and levels and targets don't tell the tale of their primary education. But many schools make children believe it really matters. Of course it matters to teachers and management, because that is what we as professionals are judged on, but it is of little consequence to the children themselves.

The Guardian's Secret Teacher is concerned about passing on educational jargon to students.

To me it's interesting that a practicing teacher seems to agree that standardized testing is about a bureaucracy measuring itself, but has little to do with the education of children.

Of course, I'm also aware I picked up on this because it reinforces my existing beliefs. It's worth reminding myself that standardized testing has its place and that there is more to school than standardized tests. That may alleviate my concern as a parent (a bit), but I still think I see the current testing culture as a problem to be solved, rather than a situation that I'm willing to accept.