The power of small actions

We’ve not asked anyone’s permission to do this; we’re just doing it. And we are certainly not waiting for that cheque to drop through the letterbox before the letterbox before we start. And most importantly of all, we are not daunted by the sophisticated arguments that say that these small actions are meaningless in the face of tomorrow’s problems because I have seen the power of small actions and it is awesome.

Pam Warhurst, discussing how Todmorden used propaganda gardening to transform their market town into an edible oasis, complete with “vegetable tourists.

[ted id=1538]

Like Project H in Bertie County, this is an amazing local project that helps not only to revitalise and give confidence to a small community, but to help build “a different and a kinder future." The project has since spread, radicant-like to other towns all over the world.